Thursday, March 1, 2007


A March 1st blizzard on the heels of a weekend snow blast brings another foot or more.
Maybe more because it just
keeps falling and falling.
The 1st picture is looking out the patio doorway. The 2nd picture is looking out my front door.
A few hours later I captured our deck, 3rd picture, piled high. [I know there is a bad shadow]
Nothing fancy just capturing the big news of the day. Looks like this will go down as one of the top 10 snows in the history of our state.
Watch for more snow shots tomorrow and then the next day...well, you know. Its all about the snow right now as almost everything is closed.
I have a bunch of pics from the last 2 weeks I will have to add.
1st 2 shots taken w/70-300 lens
3rd shot w/18-55 lens.


Jan said...

That's a lot of snow!! I don't know about you, but I'm SO ready for summer! Nice pics, tfs...

Jenn said...

I wanted just ONE good snow but didn't get it..oh well. Maybe next year. I love all of these but that 2nd is awesome!! Great job!