Thursday, June 19, 2008

One of Jared's best friends.
Wanted to do some fun single photo layouts and Amber's recent photos are so fun that she is letting me use some to catch up on my designer work.
Isn't she beautiful?

Trendy Chick by AmyLeigh Fennell

Friday, June 6, 2008

Elle and Nick

I did this last night for Elle to put in her gift album to Nick.
I just love these photos and brings back such good memories.
It was the only time the 3 of us were alone of our party of 26 in Mexico.
Wasn't real sure what was going on with these 2 but I thought I should snag some pictures just in case - so, capturing these were a bit awkard but I am glad I did.
Over 3 months later they are still together.
Credits here

Today I am heading over to Nick's mom to dice and chop in prep for his grad party on Sunday.
Elle and Jessie are going to put together a story board.
Nick graduates tonight so Elle will be going.

No sun yet. Cool. Cloudy.
Where did summer go?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Day

Summer Vacation!
which I love. Kids first day off today.
Going to try and blog everyday of summer so once it speeds by I can go back and see what we actually did. Here in Minnesota we have to cram in so many activities that summer goes by way too fast and by August the mojo starts slowing down.
It started out way hectic yesterday.
I picked up Elle at the high school and Jared and 6 of his friends from the middle school. And we head to the grocery store? Am I nuts? Ya! But I had to go - it was the chain grocery store's dollar days which happen once every 3 months and no way am I missing the good deals. Grocery store was nuts. No carts available so had to walk out to the parking lot to grab one. DD and I made a good team but I didn't keep my eye on my middle schoolers. Check out lines were long and all the kids had gathered with me and I ran into a Mexico friend so got to chat away while all but my DS & DD got kicked out. LOL
Home for golf league. Surprisingly the sun came out as did the humidity - can you say a bit hot in jeans and golf shoes. Round started out OK, went way downhill and then I totally rocked it the last few holes.
Susan and I took my cart over to Kris's where they were having drinks in the gazebo with Joel and his girlfriend - good laughs and chatter. Eventually I loaded them all on my golf cart and brought them to the Haven where one of my young friends wanted to chat about "buying a shack."
Most of Jared's friends were gone but a few were still there. Nick was over. Ian and Nate stayed over.
Woke up today and as forecasted it was overcast. Elle and I really wanted to garage sale but she had a student council meeting, 10- 3, ugh! The boys slept in, hung out and Kendra came over to be with them.
Eventually all those kids left and Elle went to hang out at Jessie's with Jordan - Nick and Jerry made it there, too, at some point. She really wanted to spend the night but we got a crazy day tomorrow and heck, Jessie is her BF's sister.
Thunderstorms have been rolling in and out most of the evening.
Sitting here today it felt like summer with the ominous feeling of a big storm.