Friday, June 6, 2008

Elle and Nick

I did this last night for Elle to put in her gift album to Nick.
I just love these photos and brings back such good memories.
It was the only time the 3 of us were alone of our party of 26 in Mexico.
Wasn't real sure what was going on with these 2 but I thought I should snag some pictures just in case - so, capturing these were a bit awkard but I am glad I did.
Over 3 months later they are still together.
Credits here

Today I am heading over to Nick's mom to dice and chop in prep for his grad party on Sunday.
Elle and Jessie are going to put together a story board.
Nick graduates tonight so Elle will be going.

No sun yet. Cool. Cloudy.
Where did summer go?


scrappity said...

Great layouts. I like the second one in particular. Is Elle your best friend? I was trying to figure it out ROLF!

You must be happy with the layouts :)

Amanda said...

fantastic layouts! love them! I feel the same as you do about the weather. We are cold and rainy here in Utah--i think GOd forgot to turn the dial to summer!

Gina said...

Lovely layouts! The book will be beautiful.

Heather said...

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS layouts! They are beautiful!