Sunday, December 2, 2007

31 Days of Christmas.

I love all the things of Christmas that sparkle, glitter, and shine. So why not capture a photo a day to capture the moments and the things that are special to me this Christmas of 07. I have my photo from yesterday, already posted a day late but don't have a photo yet today but in a bit here - after Amazing Race airs - I will be getting the camera out to snap shots of Elle with her birthday cake. Once we got home last night we got busy and forgot to eat the cake.

This is Elle on her 15th birthday yesterday. Her friends were over, and they did what used to do endlessly quite a few years ago, dress up. Of course, Elle was the princess, to go with her obsession with princesshoodness. Her friends sported a fun look, too.

Here are her oh so fun friends.

They sported this look when we went out to eat at the local clubhouse bar and grill.

Birthday non-alcoholic strawberry pina colada compliments of the clubhouse.
She could have had another free cocktail when an acquaintance of ours offered to buy her a drink. He was beside himself when we told him she just turned 15. lol

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