Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dream big...

Despite all the national despair over this entire economic diseaster I have hope. I bought a lottery ticket today worth 2oo million. Don't buy them very often but there was a little note at the counter at the convenience store that said "omg, lottery 200 million" and I'm like over all of that. So, for 1.00 I can dream big. With that amount of money my new bail out tax won't hurt like its going to do. I asked the cashier, an older guy, and he is like no, I don't gamble. Is it gambling? Perhaps, but I like to think its a dollar to dream really big versus being preoccupied with the national economy (maybe I should turn off CNN).
I also think that all the bankers, lenders, politicains, etc. that got us in this mess should pool their money and go in and buy a bunch of lottery tickets and they could pay off part of the debt if they won.
So, I am dreaming big but I have a few questions.
Whats going to become of the protesters gathering in at least 20 cities, Mpls. included?
What if you are unemployed, do you still have to pay your part?
What if you are one of them that lost their home due to foreclosure/short sale, do you still have to come up with the funds?

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Tammy said...

*standing on my soap box*

I have always had faith in my party to do the right thing in the long run, but right now I can't believe they aren't calling on these politicians for saying that Fannie Mae and Mac were in good standing in 2002 and then again in 2005. Knowing full well that giving out 100% loans was going to get them in terrible trouble. Our president was trying to get answers but was blocked. I'm upset with him for not putting his presidential foot down and doing something more and maybe the crises wouldn't be so bad. I am also hearing alot about some of the people, that hasn't paid a dime to the mortgage companies for their homes, will probably get to keep their homes. Will they have to pay anything back, I doubt it. This stuff happens all the time. I've seen alot of these homes where we use to live in Georgia. Beautiful huge homes and no furniture in them. There might be a mattress on the floor and maybe a chair or two and no income coming in the home or having to put a dime down on the home. When are we going to stop bailing out every body that screams, GIVE ME SOMETHING FREE!!! And its not only in our banking systems, its also FEMA. Bailing out people that don't have Flood Insurance. This has been going on since the flood of 1993. About the same time when the sub-prime rate loans started to grow. What about all the people that struggle to make ends meet, pay their bills and have to sit back and watch as others that don't want to work or do their fair share get everything handed to them. These entitlement programs have got to be stopped or only given to those who really, really need. Thank you for letting me rant and rave in your blog. *stepping down off my soap box*