Monday, April 1, 2013

Sinead O'Connor - I Believe In You

2 years ago today.
Our last conversation.
Had no idea then.
Was it an April Fool's joke?
I don't think so because it was too filled with hate and malice.
It didn't end.
I believe April Fool's jokes end in a good chuckle.

So, who am I fooling?
A move was made to end all.
He said not now, I said forever.
He said stop it,
He was right.
Miss that lawyer of mine.

They believed.
I was hesitant.
Though I believe now.
Amazing things have happened.
A lot of love out there.

I forgive
Never forget.
I got hurt.
Didn't think I'd heal
I did.

2 years ago today.
So different today.
The love is gone.
How could it not be.
The hate and destruction was so real.

I think I want to cry.
For all that was lost 2 years ago.
Forever lost.
No going back.
Nothing will replace what was lost.
New things emerge.

Love is real.
Love is grand.
Even if you question the choice of grand.
I believe it to be sweet.
I always did with them.
Maybe not so much him.
He was an asshole.
Not gonna lie.

My weakness.
To rid myself of him.
Had no strength,
Eventually it would almost kill me.
What father would do what he did.
Love his children? 
Absolutely not.

Not my problem anymore.
I protected them from him 
For years.
Some say maybe I didn't protect them.
If so, I didn't know.

I can no longer protect them.
I can no longer love.
It was 2 years ago today.
A new person.
Still loving,
Loving even more.

2 years ago today.

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