Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fashion Statement?

I am not sure but DD does seem to carry it off fairly well despite a few second looks.
We were at my nephew's graduation party playing a lawn game and the photo itself is rather shady so used PSE5.0 to pop the high tops.

[On my pc, the screen distorts photos...makes them wider. Now, I can't tell if the distortion is here or not. Does anyone know how to fix that?]

*Thanks again for the helpful comments. Shooting skate shots at the end of July*


Tera said...

Cute outfit!! Im sure some people look at her wierd, good thing is that is fashion!! Cute shot.

Christine Smith said...

he he, my daughter would DEFINITELY give her a second look - but only because DD looks SO COOL! It's awesome to have a sense of style that doesn't have to follow the "rules". OK, about your resizing, when you resize in PSE, make sure that your check "constraint" proportions if you want to change the pixel size of height/width of your picture to show in on the web. It's on the dialog box for image resizing (CTRL+ALT+I)