Monday, July 9, 2007

The Funny Side of Red Shoes


Walking on high heels is harder than it looks.

Can't hold on!
My DD and I were looking at recent photos today and I came across these and they still crack me up.
Just too funny! Maybe tomorrow I will post where she was going in such a hurry! Was going to post them before but forgot to post them before vacation.
Seeing the theme this week is shoes, I thought you might find them funny, too!
All sooc.
I did download VirtualPhotography today and have played with it a bit.

[Disregard those weeds in the flower beds.]


Ashley said...

LOL that is what I would look like in heels.

Heather said...

Awww! Come on she'll get it down give her a few years:) Great shots! Looks like you guys have had fun with those red shoes!

Tera said...

LOL!! Love the outtakes. Too funny and those shoes are awesome!!

momstime...Lori said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Too funny. At least she fell with grace.

I don't see any weeds. What weeds? Weeds who? LOL

April & Kevin said...

Haha, I can laugh b/c I'm the SAME way. I got some new black heels for work that are higher than I'm used to & when I was leaving the house the other day my DH says, "You look a bit unsteady, like you're going to fall." Lol. I might...

Amy said...

I am NO good in high heels either, good thing she didn't break her ankle! Love all these red shoes pics:)