Thursday, July 12, 2007

Skate. Life. Art. Progression

I missed the shoe but got the board.
I did get the falling water bottle.
One of my pictures that is recently featured as subject's myspace profile picture
as of the last few days.
I think that is kind of cool.
Going to try and get some skate action shots one day soon.
Thanks for all the comments. Makes my day~!
I did have a question about the post below.
The horizon line is way off.
Do you think that should be straightened and if so, how would I do that.
Played around a bit with PSE5.0 but it wasn't working.

Above picture cropped and Virtual Photography conversion


Amy said...

LIke the conversion on this. Would love to see some skate action shots if you get some whenever. About the post below: the horizon doesn't really bother me b/c it fits with the picture! If you want to fix it. Crop it and tilt the crop box until you horizon is straight.

~JustJulie~ said...

What Amy said. ;) The horizon doesn't bother me at all. If you do "fix" it, you'll lose a lot of the photo b/c you have to rotate so much and then to re-crop, a bunch will be gone. I'd leave it.

I like today's picture. Would love to see some actions shots, too.

I saw your comment on my blog about the fireworks. Do we get to see what you came up with?

Sue said...

Cool catch with the water bottle. And for yesterday's shot the horizon doesn't bother me either, but ditto on how to change it. In PSE 5 you can also try and rotate the image first and then crop so the edges of the bacground color (from the rotation) aren't showing :)

April & Kevin said...

I'd like to see some skate action shots too! My hubby is a (mostly former) skateboarder so I need to convince him to dust his board off so I can try some action shots one of these days... =)

Jan said...

I'd love to see some skate action... We have a cool skate park here. You may have given me an idea. Ha! As for yesterday's pic, I kind of like the crooked horizon. It's so crooked that it looks purposeful and with them flying and bouncing on the tube, it just fits, imo.

twinsmom said...

Well, add me to the list of waiting to see action shots. LOL I like this one. I like the falling water.

Diana said...

Fantastic photo's! I love the red shoe's a few blogs Thanks for the lovely comments you left for me on my blog about my freebie, hope you get to use it.

dar said...

Nice catch with the water bottle. Nice shot of your son with his board.

To straighten the image in PS, go under image, rotate and free rotate. I have a lot of success doing it this way, that little ruler thingy on the sidbar doesn't always work very well.