Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wrong Footwear?

Which one isn't wearing the right footwear at our friends annual golf tournament?
Not me in the blue.

DH trying to dance on the green on a par 3

Rick follows suit.

We did OK for a scramble - came out even. Par is 36, ended with a 36.
The winners won with a 7 under.

These were all taken with Kodak Easyshare which is suppose to be my purse camera but it seems to end up with my DD most of the time. It was left at a friends house and we had a hard time getting it back and once we did, it was broken down. Ugh. There is no preview window anymore.
Cropped. The top one a lot which might be the reason for blurriness.

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Christine Smith said...

Hi Kathy, I'm coming over from your blog comment(thanks, BTW!) and I just wanted to say next year, don't even THINK about going to Sonshine -- JUST GO!!! My girlfriend and has been trying to get me to go for years but I always seem to be pregnant or nursing in the summer (which I'm finally not THIS year). It was SO FAR beyond my expectations!