Thursday, April 19, 2007


I think this picture speaks for itself. Who would do this? It must have been hate for someone to set someone's car on fire. This is on the road to the main highway so I pass it on a regular basis. Its been here since this fall. Some days I notice it and other days I don't.
And this wasn't all. They didn't stop here. Notice the house in the upper left hand corner of the top photo. There is a pole barn there with the house.This had the arson poster as well but has been missing for awhile. I live fairly close to here but have never heard what the deal was. I do hope that they remove the car soon because it is an eye sore.
My DD and I had fun capturing these because we were right on the main drag to the big highway.

cropped in pse5.0. 70-300mm lens

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Trisha said...

Yikes! That's so sad that someone would feel such strong dislike for someone, that they would set their things on fire! And if it wasn't dislike, then it's sad that they would feel the need to tear up someone's things just because...