Monday, April 30, 2007

What else do I do?

Yesterday I went with my girlfriend to her cabin. Its a great place to hang out on the water's edge. It also is a very short drive as far as going to the lake goes...not even a 45 minute drive. Hard to believe it is April, 80 degrees and we went boating. I know it won't last but it sure was good to get a taste of summer so early.
On the way there I seen so many cool barns that I could have used for last week's theme. I'll be driving up there again this summer alone and I see I will be making a few stops to get the shots.
So, hanging out on water: a lake, a pool, a river or my favorite, the ocean, is one of my favorite things to do besides photography. And yes, typically, I have the camera with me.
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Rebecca said...

Oh, sounds like heaven!

The weather AND the relaxation :)