Monday, April 23, 2007

Mpls. Art Museum

This is from the field trip on Friday. I was thinking ahead of this week's theme and thought this would work. Now I know the composition isn't the best. I snapped it amongst all the kids and didn't look for a better vantage point. I was going to try and get some pics for one of the teachers with dead batteries but not real comfortable taking pictures of this age group randomly.


Lorrie said...

it does look old. It really isn't the best angle, but I totally understand trying to catch a shot when you can with a bunch of kids around!

Jan said...

Yep. Looks old! Love your previous shots, too. The flag one really touched me... Well done!!!

Trisha said...

Yup, looks very old! It is VERY hard to snap pics on field trips. I went on one with my nephew and his mom wanted me to get some's SO hard to get eye contact and good comp while on a field trip!