Friday, January 19, 2007

17 degrees photo shoot...brrr!!

The girls were up for an impromptu, quick photo shoot in very chilly temps. We drove just a bit out of our way to find some rustic buildings. The buildings we found were so cool but the sun was in our way as well as the late afternoon hustle bustle of the city. The girls and I look forward to going out again when the weather is a bit warmer and we have more time.
I know the shadows are bad, but kind of like it, too.
Length of photo shoot; under 5 minutes
Girls; f-stop 7.1, ss 1/200 and lens 55.0
Window; f-stop 5.6, SS 1/125 and lens 55.0
Both converted t0 B&W in PSE5.0

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Mogley said...

17 degrees!!!! can't believe you were outside!!! LOL, I am not a fan of cold weather. Cute pictures.