Friday, January 12, 2007

Another Favorite

Keeping it easy this week. This picture represents one of my passions, scrapbooking, but also a weakness, keeping it all pretty enough to photograph. I was in my room organizing/cleaning and decided I better get a picture because I am going to be scrapping tonight.
I shook a few of the bottles and then went for my camera...looked for the shot, got it, and forgot to shake the rest of the bottles. Oops!


Somewhere over the rainbow said...

This is going be my pic for tomorrow, I am with you, I should have taken the pic before I got in here tonight!!

Nice and neat, TFS!

Patti said...

Love the colours.

Melissa H said...

Every time I check out your blog I realize that we have alot in common. Colors are great. If you wanted cc.... It looks just a little soft, to me. What were your settings?

Melissa H

cristina4k said...

i just love looking into other scrap spaces! great colors (nice and bright). keep it up. oh, i think it's a tad soft too.