Saturday, January 6, 2007

The City

Here is a picture of the metro skyline as we traveled by at about 65 mph. Color is bland, but not a lot of blur. So, why is it when I am at my daughter's basketball game and the game is almost at a standstill most of the shots are blurry.
I got my manual out and had some notes from what I have learned here but doesn't seem my camera is cooperating. Played a lot in different modes. My next step is to stop in at the camera shop where I bought it and make sure the camera is working correctly.
I am thinking also that these digital SLR's are like a computer. Same with the lens. So much to learn.
CC is always welcome.
Until tomorrow when we go back to the basketball games.
Nikon D50, forget which setting, 70-300 lens. sooc


cristina4k said...

ok girl, if you had your camera in auto mode, the camera will always give you a "good" picture, unless there's not enough light (gym) and then it will blur it out. being outside (driving) there's obvsiously enough light so there's not a problem there.
i don't think there's anything wrong with your camera (honestly), i just think you need to try one setting until you've mastered it and then try another setting. for instance, try starting on TV mode and try to change it to see how it affects your picture. hope this helps.

Patti said...

I like the monotone. Great shot for on the move. Could the secret of the blurry vs sharp, be in the shutter speed. Out side there is more light so you acn get a faster shutter, hence less chance of blur.