Friday, January 5, 2007

Are You For Real?

Wasn't feeling real adventerous today so something easy. A bit on information overload with learning new computer, camera, PSE 5.0, etc.
Used my 70-300 lens 1.2 in auto mode. Learned a few things in PSE 5.0 to convert to black and white and find the crop dimensions. I need to play and keep playing if I ever get anywhere.
So much to learn yet....

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cristina4k said...

i think you did great on the bw conversion. if you're looking for suggestions here's two (not to overwhelm you anymore):
1. when taking a picture with flash make sure your subject is not too close to the background (or you move away from subject) so that the "shadow" doesn't come out (does that make sense).
2. when doing a bw conversion, try adding a bit more contrast to enhance the blacks and whites even more, that way, you don't get a "plain" bw. good job!