Monday, January 15, 2007

Welcome Home!

The girls did a service project for with their youth group this morning despite the fresh snow and chilly temps. The bottom photo is not my hometown but rather down the road at our church entrance. I like this sign because it is so welcoming. I know its not the prettiest landscape but it really does represent our landscape this time of year. We tend to have a lot of wetlands. In the far distance you can see the fish houses on the lake.
Both of these taken w/kit lens. Top one cropped and tweaked a bit in PSE5. The lower one was tweaked a lot in same program.


Ingrid said...

Both shots are great. Love the feeling of the Welcome Home sign too.

Melissa H said...

I want some snow. These are good. Might want to watch for shadows.
Melissa N

Debbie said...

Very nice. You've motivated me to maybe brave the cold for an outside shot today.

--cherry said...

Nice shots! Sounds like your girls are brave to be out in that weather!