Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Self Portrait

A self portrait or as they say on myspace, a mirror picture. My first. Until yesterday i wouldn't have been able to do this because when I tried all I got was flash. What changed? For those of you that have been here before you might recall that I swore my camera was broken. Not so. Seems the photographer was a bit clueless on how to operate her camera. Can you imagine that? Yes! Stopped in yesterday to the camera store and learned about my camera, a Nikon D50. Seems there is a setting called P that overrides the auto setting and allows one to turn off the flash, change the ISO and take multiple shots. I also found out that my AV and SV modes are different than other cameras.
Now my lens, 70-300, was more of a bit of a mystery. The techie couldn't see where the error was at first so I left it with him. Seems it had gotten some muck on it and got a hair lodged between the lens and the lens filter. The lens filter wasn't budging at first.
So, looks like I am advancing baby step by baby step. I am already grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this challenge because without it I would stay in auto.
My self portrait seems right today for the introduce yourself as well as it being my birthday, which is now almost over. Didn't have a lot of time to play but thrilled to be able to turn off my flash. If it wasn't so late, I might have tried to crop it as the composition needs help, but today, that is OK.
Other good news is after a week, I got my 2Peas account fixed. My password had to defaulted to my DD's - strange. Anyways I look forward to getting back on.
HHCC always welcome...sooc, program mode, 55 ft.?


Debbie said...

Happy birthday and it's nice to see you!

Mar said...

Did someone mention a bday! Well happy bday!

Nice to "see" you :)

Scott said...

Happy Bday Kathy! You're learning lots about your camera i see. I've learned on thing i can pass your way although you prob already know this.....DON'T DROP IT! I'll be buying a new one this weekend i'm guessing..... ;(

cristina4k said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear kathy, happy birthday to you. (a bit belated but here it is nonetheless).
great job with your camera. all it takes is a bit of time and you'll be a pro soon enough. keep messing with it. you'll get the hang of it.
ps- try shooting the same with different av modes to see what you get!

Patti said...

Happy (very belated) birthday. Nice to see you.

Melissa H said...

I know how you feel. I have had my camera for almost a whole year and thought I new how to use it untill I got on 2Peas. I have learned more about my camera in the last 12 days than I have all year. corse I am learning with on of my best friends (cjguntoun98). Just keep it up. we are all here to learn.

Melissa H