Thursday, January 4, 2007

Last Wrestling Match of the Season

Oh man! One of those days that nothing is really working all that well. Took a lot of pics at the wrestling match today, 39 in all. This is my son and its ok...nothing grand as far as composition. Used my 1.2 70-300 lens. I took pics of other wrestlers, too, and ended up with quite a bit of blur on some of them which was a huge disappointment. I did capture a couple awesome ones but didn't feel right using other kids just yet on my blog. (I wasn't using action mode because that mode does not work at all...)
I see I really need to spend some time with my manual and some of the articles linked at 2Peas. What else is not working? Camera seemed very sluggish today, took forever to upload this pic, 2Peas won't let me sign in on my screen name....[[[oh, sigh]]]
thanks for looking =]


cristina4k said...

wow i didn't know you had a 1.2 lens, pretty cool. you did great with this shot! i would be happy.
now, if you were at a gym, i've heard the lighting is horrible (haven't shot anything at a gym yet), so don't dispair. maybe next time you can shoot a few pics beforehand to get a feel for the lighting. try to set your ISO to the highest possible and start with your aperture at 5.6 (if you're in AV mode)and work from there. that should help some. don't set it to action, it's useless in such low lighting. keep it in manual, av, or ss mode. that way you can ensure the shutter speed you need to freeze your action shots.
your picture might be too big for uploads. have you tried resizing it? i usually resize to whatever 5x7 or 8x10, etc but with a resolution of 72ppi in photoshop, that makes it much faster to load and i save the image with a "WEB" added to it so that i can remember it has been resized.
don't worry it's all part of the learning! keep shooting!

Patti said...

sounds like one of those days. Nothing worse than taking lots of shots and getting home and finding your not happy with most of them. My new rule is to use Tv mode for anything moving. That way I know the ss will be fast enough to freeze the action. The I can adjust the f and/or the iso to get the exposure right.