Sunday, January 7, 2007

An easier basketball shot...

Day 7 - A busy, busy day. Church, waffles at a teammate's home before championship games. That's when I discovered that I had forgotten my memory card - a first. It was OK, having trouble setting my ISO, so, want to bring it in early next week. There are many more basketball games coming up
This challenge is already a good thing w/making me learn my camera, learn PSE 5.0 and also organize my photos...I have 4 computers up and going right now. Photos are kind of here and there.
Tried another B&W conversion, but the photo got locked in edit mode and didn't find as easy out. So, will save that photo for another day.
So, no new photo today except for 2 on my cell phone =[.
This photo here was taken during Indian summer in early October. The kids were breaking after an intense game of 21. They were gearing up for upcoming tryouts. I like the colors and the expressions.
Nikon D50 w/the big lens - sooc
HHCC always welcome...keep it coming, I am making notes.

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Cindi Koceich said...

I think you did an awesome job capturing this candid moment! Love the composition too!