Saturday, May 26, 2007


Last weekend was not only busy with DS's birthday and soccer games it was also our...
our Anniversary! 16 years! This is my wonderful DH above. Our friends, top, had us and other couples over for a steaks on the grill. Steaks, Tequilaberry salad, watermelon, cheesy potatoes, steaks and more. Yumm! A little later in the evening, 3 out of the 5 couples playing Catch Phrase were celebrating an anniversary that weekend.
And about the pictures. The middle guy is one of my dearest friends, Rick. When viewing on the PC, I thought it was distorting him, but here it is on the laptop and he still has a distorted neck and looks like a dwarf....tee hee. Not so in real life.
I am out of town for the holiday weekend at our resort. Beautiful outside but so very cold. brrrr
Maybe only in the 40's.
Anyways with this new program,, I can send my pics real easy between the computers. Love that.

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