Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One girlfriend?

Here is another favorite especially because I do very few close ups of things [would this be considered macro?] And leaving one candle lit is quite an undertaking when you are 13 and your girlfriend is there. Am really not liking the backdrop, a friend's shirt, but otherwise am pleased. Any CC for me?
And yes, the pie was yummy. Strawberry cheesecake of sorts. Only complaint was that it was way too small.
Its almost midnight here and can you believe I am just getting home from DD's soccer game. She had a 9:00 game in a town 45 minutes away. Was cool to play under lights but its so late for a school night. Didn't shoot much but hoping for one to share tomorrow. 5th game in as many days.
More sooc.
I have been tagged by Trisha.
My first tag.
5 things about why I blog.
1. The best part is it has taken me out of my comfort zone to get shots I wouldn't have taken previously.
2. It makes me want to learn photography. Operative word is want because my books are gathering dust. Its going to happen if I keep hanging around.
3. I like being awed by all the great talent here.
4. Its great to be a part of this group and get to know people. Almost like getting to stand in the doorway and catching glimpses of their life.
5. I like the writing aspect.
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Trisha said...

That pie looks yummy! LoL-
That is a bummer that the background wasn't better, but that's how it usually is at gatherings such as birthday's (much to the photographers dismay! haha)- It's a good picture otherwise. I like it's close up and like the crop on it :O) And wow! Just getting home?! That's how it was around here during Football season LoL- My nephews games were always SO far away, that we got home late a lot of nights! Not too cool on school nights! Or work nights (for me)!

Michelle said...

definitely looks delicious! next time bake an extra and send it to me....yummy! like how you got one lit candle.

Mom2Drew said...

At least the background was not Spiderman/Mickey on the shirt:) It's mostly blue so you "lucked" out. I think your composition is good and the one candle tells a story. What was your ISO on this one? I think this one could look really nice in a BnW conversion.