Sunday, May 13, 2007

In recognition of our Fishin' Opener

I forgot the flash.
Because of POTD, I made myself walk to the docks to capture the campers fishing.
These are some awesome shots [just sharing this one because they are all so dark] but whoa, they are dark. Dang!
Anyway of fixing them?
Played a bit in PSE5.0 but I don't know.


Patti said...

pity its a bit dark, coz it looks like a really nice shot. Can you lighten it a bit in PS? Well done for getting up so early.

Gini said...

Yes, it is a bit dark but can you lighten it enough to use it as a background? Somehow? Some way? That is a really cool picture and I had to click on it and see the full size! It was really cool to see even if you can't decide what to do with it! Thanks for sharing!