Monday, May 7, 2007

Macro Monday?

I believe it is Macro Monday and possibly this fits the bill even though I don't participate.
Its been one of those days that looks like rain and had an omnipresent feel to it. The colors were so vibrant and the greens incredible. It finally rained a bit in the early evening. I went outside to capture our apple tree but got this instead. Very sooc.
I have a question. I have the Quantaray 70-300 lens which has a toggle switch between normal and macro. Problem is I can't get it to move. Any ideas?


Amy said...

Sorry, can't help w/the lens. This picture definitely conveys the dreary day! I love how the leaves are wet, and bend downward.

Mom2Drew said...

I know nothing about your lens...exept that I used to have a Quantary and could not use it to it's full capacity on my digital camera because it was a film lens?

Apple trees? That's pretty cool, I would love to have a fruit tree around...does it produce good fruit?

E-love said...

I love it, your eyes really draw to the plant because of the blurriness in the background.
good job!