Sunday, May 13, 2007

Friday's Pictures

On Friday we headed to the lake for the 1st time this season.
This is my DS in the back seat reading. He loves books and is an avid reader.
We are seasonal campers which means our camper stays there and is always set up, ready to go, kind of like the poor man's camper. We like to go every other weekend once Memorial comes but as the kids get older its harder and harder to get away.
I call it suburban camping as there are a lot of people, we have a full size fridge, microwave, shower, 2 TV's plus a gaming TV, internet service and more.

We were concerned about rush hour traffic going through the city but it wasn't too bad. Couple rough spots, but quite mild compared to some weekends. [I believe our Fishin' Opener had a lot of people going north versus south like us.] I kept busy reading the new CK magazine and looking for photo ops.
sooc, 2nd one cropped

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