Sunday, May 20, 2007

Here we are again.
Another soccer game.
One Friday
One Saturday.
And then today on my DS's bday! He is 13! A teen!

He is in the blue and was able to get it and turn it.
Its his first year on a competitive team and he is really doing awesome~!
Tomorrow will be another soccer game for him.
And Tuesday night will be his sister's 1st game of the season.
So, yes it's hopping here.
I've been taking pictures and have a few to share but just haven't been able to get them uploaded.
{really should be tweeking these but I am tired from a busy weekend}


Trisha said...

I wish we had soccer around here!

Mom2Drew said...

Fun action shots! These look good and I bet they'd look fun with a little color pop too:)

dar said...

Great action shots!

Amy said...

I hope my son wants to do stuff like this when he's older. I'll bet you're glad to have these pics! Hope he has a good season.

Jan said...

We're a soccer family,too. Dd plays competitive soccer--this is her second year. Most of the time, we love it. It does keep us busy, though.

These are great action shots--I love how you captured his face and the ball at the same time--something I struggle with! LOL!

Joanne said...

Happy Bithday to your young man! I think soccer is so fun. I hope my DS likes it when he gets bigger. Great captures, I'm sure he loves these!

d.r. photography said...

soccer was always a sport i wanted to try...i agree with a little color pop... but still good shots...