Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Under the lights

and they won!
To play under the lights in soccer is unheard of but here we were at the fields w/a brisk wind in our face.
The coolest thing is that we won!
First game of the season and they won.
That's a big deal because my DD was on this team 2 years ago and they only won one game.
Last year she played her age level [this year she is playing a year up which she did a year ago] and they lost all.
So, to win their 1st game was huge!
DD looked good.
I only snapped a few.
again, sooc! life is too crazy right now.


Amy said...

Congrats on the win for your dd!!! I like how she appears to be walking into the darkness. I used to play softball and I totally know how it feels to be out under the lights like this. Great capture!

Heather said...

Not being a sports person myself, I don't know how special the lights are but I'm sure I will one day as I have 2 boys, but I do like this picture/back to you walking away and I think you did an awesome job as it looks dark! Did you handhold? Terrific!

Mom2Drew said...

I can remember the thrill it was to win a game. It is priceless and I'm glad for them!!! Nice memory here, one to cherish forever.

dar said...

Congrats to her on the win, how much more special that it was under the lights.