Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

This is Spec, short for Spectacle, my brother's family dog. He's a real cutie, but super old.

This is my Mom! We were able to get together for a BBQ today and had fabulous weather and good company.

This in my Stepdad, Fran. I like the capture on this one because it really captures who he is.
all sooc, excpet middle one cropped


cristina said...

Oh, I can feel that furry doggy's coat! (and I don't even like doggies)

I like your mom and step-dad's shot. I like your step-dad's better because it shows some character to it as opposed to your mom's traditional style kwim?


Sue said...

Cute pics. What a great dog - my kids would play with him all day long with all that hair :) I agree with previous poster on the pics, maybe you could crop your mom's pic a little more :)

Joanne said...

Cute fluffy doggy! Love the shots of your parents too. It's nice to have pics of them!

Joanne said...

P.S. No, it's wasn't a challenge. (At least I don't think so!) They are just some shots I took recently. The POTD this week is #20 - sentimental or something like that! DLSR#6 is ??? I forget!

Patti said...

Cute puppy dog. You have done a great job capturing your step-dad's personality. i find that really hard to do